Our Guiding Vision for this Wiki:

Create a database of information from CIEE Thailand and ENGAGE members and later, other study abroad programs and any interested parties. By exposing common issues and making a home for information to be open and accessible we build a more organized and informed global community of students.This increased awareness among students and the communities with whom they stand in solidarity will eventually create a common consciousness and lead to collective action. Activism begins with awareness.

Ultimately, we seek to connect local fights all over the world with one another.However, this type of global, grassroots communication is a process.We recognize that these types of grassroots movements can benefit from allies from other socio-economic backgrounds, who possess other kinds of knowledge and resources. We recognize that we can use students on study abroad programs as a first step in forming these connections. In building an archive and forum for focused discussion, we facilitate the transfer of information between generations of students and allow students to take part in ongoing projects with communities, and build sustainable relationships. By sharing personal connections and relationships, students are invested in the plights of each of these communities and stand in solidarity with their struggles.

Students all over the world then use this online forum to share the stories that they have seen and heard, and relate the common fights of other global communities when they exchange. Eventually, we hope to remove the student as the “middle man” for this communication, and have local activist networks and grassroots social justice organizations eventually network directly with one another.

~Admin Team

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